Important information about playing online slot machines

Slot machines are games of chance, and this feature makes them quite straightforward for many players. If you prefer to play them at Canadian online casinos, find out more about their basic rules, different types, etc. Their payouts always vary from 92% to 97% based on your chosen slot game, and variance is an important factor. Low variance slot machines guarantee small wins, while high variance versions offer big wins. Some players end up with long losing streaks, while others get occasional big wins. Everything depends on your luck. If you have a big bankroll, stay patient and give high variance slots a try.

How to play online slots

After choosing your favorite slot game, you will see the game screen filled with reels, but their number varies. For example, classic slots have 3 vertical reels, while modern versions have 5 reels. Every reel has 20-25 symbols designed based on the main theme, and your basic online gambling goal is to spin reels to hit all kinds of winning combinations of symbols when they stop. Players can get a number of possible combinations with multiple symbols on reels.

Playing slot machines is quite straightforward because all you need to do is to slick the spin button to make reels spin and see whether you win or lose. Some online slots have a special skip-stop button to let players stop reels when they want. They all include the auto-play function to allow you to auto-spin if you don’t want to spin reels manually.

As you can see, everything sounds very easy, but if you decide to get the most out of online casino slots or you’re just a newbie, you should master winning strategies and helpful tricks. What are the basics of playing slot machines online?

Keep in mind that you can always change your set Internet casino parameters before every spin. That’s why slot machines offer a great way to get a real feel of casino games and understand how different winning combinations pay out.

How to choose your number of paylines

Slots are some of the most popular casino games globally because many players choose them every day. Their winning steaks can be all over the place, including bottom or top rows, zigzags, and diagonals. In most cases, there are 9-30 different winning lines, but your win doesn’t always mean that symbols must match or they should be placed right next to one another. They can be all over the place and provide rewards casino players with great wins because of specific paylines.

That’s why you need to choose how many paylines you will bet before each spin. Take into account that it’s impossible to select which paylines you will bet because you can choose only their number. For instance, when players bet on 1 line, they play 1 coin for every spin. When they bet on 6 lines, they play 6 coins per spin. The main rule is that the more paylines you choose, the higher your chance to win and the higher the amount you spend on every spin. Some online slots at online casino sites may have fixed paylines, and it means that their customers can’t choose if they want to play 1 or more paylines.

How to pick your bet size

Before you start playing with your real money, it’s necessary to choose bet sizes and the number of paylines you’ll play. When it comes to low variance slot machines, bet sizes start from $0.01 per line. Your next step is to decide how many coins you want to bet on a specific line. Most casinos in Canada allow their customers to bet from 1 to 10 coins a line.

Let’s say that slot machines have 25 paylines and their bet sizes range from $0.01 to $1 per coin, and they let you bet 10 coins per line. In this case, the lowest bet is $0.01 on a single payline, and the highest one is $250 if you choose 25 paylines. By choosing a maximal bet size, you increase your chance to win big and trigger lucrative bonus rounds.

Get a better understanding of different symbols

Canadian casino sites offer the online slots that have another interesting feature known as a wild symbol in addition to payline craziness. It’s all about the opportunity to win with only two identical symbols on reels if you get it. Some games also offer a special multiplier attached to the win you get with wild symbols, and it means that your winning potential can be tripped, doubled, and so on. Of course, all slot machines have their unique features, themes, and designs. That’s why wild symbols have a variety of sizes, shapes, and types too.

Another attractive symbol that you can get on reels is a scatter. No matter which Canadian gambling sites you choose, the main rule is the same. If you get three or more scatters on your reels (with no specific location or order), you end up with different lucrative outcomes. Some will reward you with coin prizes, multipliers, bonus rounds, and free spins, while others have unique specials. Remember that wild symbols never substitute scatters.

Most online slots have amazing bonus rounds that players can trigger after collecting scatter symbols on their reels. They mean that players get a specific number of free spins. Once a bonus round is triggered, you’re taken into a separate game screen where gambling software will perform auto-spins for you. Choose a reliable and safe online casino to get more scatters and trigger more freebies in bonus rounds.

How to understand and read the paytable

Before touching your spin button, get a clearer understanding of the paytable. View important game information to make more informed gambling decisions. Basically, there are different payout types for hitting different winning combos, bonus round data, symbol explanations, etc.

Regular and progressive online slots

When playing regular slot machines, you’ll notice that they have fixed jackpots. However, when playing progressive slots, you’ll find out that they have the cumulative jackpots that increase as more and more people play them. Every most trusted online casino has this type of online slots. It can be a standalone machine or a network or slots. Besides, a slot game can exist within a single casino or it can be networked across many gambling operators. The main idea of progressive jackpots is that they should be fueled constantly. Casino games take a small percentage of every bet to let them become bigger.

Free slots

How many casinos in Canada can offer free slots? First, they refer to online slots that can be played and enjoyed by users without wagering any real money. They offer the same functionality as the paid ones, but such games are normally accessed through a special demo version.

Why are people interested in playing free slots without any chance to win? The main reason that players choose them is that they want to familiarize themselves with new slot machines before playing with their real money in any reliable casino in Canada. By getting to know them better before playing, you’re more likely to get a clear understanding of how they work. That’s because most online slots have their unique bonus rounds and scatter symptoms that differentiate them from others. They often make newbies confused, especially if they decide to play with their real money.

Another basic reason is that you can get a better idea of the variance of specific slots by playing and practicing them for free. This way, you become more prepared when depositing your real money. Besides, free slot machines offer a lot of fun and excitement.

Different types of slots

If you check the trusted online casinos, you’ll see that they have different types of slot machines, including:

Classic slots

Classic online slots are traditional games first appeared in land-based casinos and they have just 1 payline and 3 reels. Players can easily see their paytable or the area that contains numbers and symbols. On the bottom, there are buttons that serve as their controls. Their symbols can be unique, but you often see traditional fruits, including oranges, cherries, lemons, and others. Other classic symbols include triple, double, and single bars, high-playing cards, and lucky 7’s.

Although classic slots are very simple, they contain bonus, scatter, multiplier, and wild symbols and may have extra features, including bonus games and free spins. Check a list of online casinos that have their good collection. Some classic slot machines are progressive and their players can bet more than only 1 coin per spin.

Bonus slot machines

Some online slots have unique bonus features, and that’s why they’re called this way. They provide all players with a great chance to win additional prizes. Lucrative bonus games are triggered when you get 3 bonus symbols on your reels, and they unable special features, including gamble features, free spins, and others.

If you’re interested in Canadian online gambling, check a combination of bonus features because they make such slots very attractive. As an example, some of them require a certain degree of skills, such as shooting moving objects to get a prize. The main quality of bonus slot machines is that they make a gameplay more diverse and interesting while adding an extra dimension to your gambling experience online.

Fruit machines

Fruit machines are widely known as traditional games often found in arcades and pubs, especially in the UK. When it comes to online gambling in Canada, such slots are skill-based and they have a range of unique features that distinguish them. When playing them, you’re randomly awarded a hold (you can gold some reels and keep them still during spins) or a nudge (you can move reels to complete more winning combos).

Fruit slots are very exciting to many players all over the world. They have a special gamble feature that allows them to gamble winnings. Such casino games also have bonus boards and cash ladders that provide users with a chance to gamble by guessing lower or higher or determine the next move.

Video slots

These are computer-animated online slots that you can play from your mobile device, laptop, or computer. They are very popular because their designs are creative, thanks to a detailed gameplay and graphics. Check an Canadian casinos list with popular and new video slots. They can be classic, have 5 reels and highly animated symbols, or offer a surprising number of paylines.

For instance, when forming winning combinations, their symbols can flicker, light up, and spin around. Video slots have a unique storyline and an introduction video, bonus games, themed sounds and songs, wild and scatter symbols, free spins, and gamble features. That’s why many players find them more interactive and engaging compared to actual slot machines.

3D online slots

They are real kings of all animated slot machines because they’re packed with amazing graphics, interesting storylines, and lucrative bonus features. You can easily operate your chosen 3D slots on the screen, and their best part comes in animated characters, video footage, animation, and special bonuses.

Now that you’ve learned everything about online slot types and their features, it’s time to choose your favorites and start playing them to win big and enjoy your gambling experience. Read their descriptions and rules if you still have any questions about specific slot machines to avoid confusion. Don’t hesitate to try new casino games to have more fun.


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